“Dr. Lili Wagner is so remarkable in so many ways I’m not sure which quality to mention first.  Cleverness, empathy, credentials, experience - she’s got it all! But there’s also an ability she has that’s difficult to describe.  A quality that makes her uniquely suited to helping people: she is uncannily astute.  She sees the whole picture as well as the minutest detail (body and soul). Somehow, during every single session, she proffers up exactly what is needed. For overcoming resistance, surmounting obstacles, for getting the job done…

When I first began working with Dr. Wagner I was experiencing crisis. Thus, our professional relationship began with psychological counseling. I had endured every form of let-down and loss that life can throw at a person. I had been displaced from my home, had a chronic disabling illness and had been unable to work for years.  It seemed as though all was (literally) lost. But as soon as I met Dr. Wagner, I was reminded that although tragic life circumstances had caused me to lose my moorings, I had not - by any means - lost my sanity.  In fact, it was Dr. Wagner’s nearly instant ability to see beneath exterior circumstances to the core of my being that got me to be creative and hopeful again. So much so that I completed therapy and was able to graduate to Life Coaching.  She helped me mine for the gold that she had seen in our initial meetings. Through lots of writing, other art work, challenging exercises, weekly check-ins, gentle encouragement – and even occasional admonishment – she was able to help me set goals and achieve them.

After working with Dr. Wagner I’ve become whole again; on my way back to productivity and accomplishment. It feels like a miracle, actually.  Would I recommend Dr. Wagner as a therapist and Life Coach? You bet I would! Here are some more reasons why:  She’s got a great sense of humour.  She is a lovely, light-filled person whose wisdom and emotional intelligence is matched only by the breadth of her knowledge in the fields of psychology, psychopharmacology, gerontology, healing modalities, exercise physiology and nutrition.  As if this weren’t enough, she can draw on her own experience of overcoming the limitations of chronic illness to be able to empathize - even commiserate - about day to day struggles with pain, frustration, sadness, loss.  She also knows when to push: when you’re up to running life’s marathon she’s got a whole other skill set to draw on… If you’re ready to grow, shift, start a new project or chart a new course, you would be lucky indeed to have Dr. Lili Wagner coaching you.”

- Client, 66 years old


“Dr. Lili Wagner is amazing! She is empathetic, perceptive and extremely supportive of her patients. When I first met Dr. Lili Wagner, I was a lost soul in the depths of my depression, alcoholism and self-loathing. This was my 3 rd attempt at trying to triumph over my disease and

I definitely felt hopeless. However, once I met Dr. Wagner, I felt safe, comfortable and hopeful which previous doctors lacked. I trusted her immensely and was able to share some of my character defects I looked forward to the sessions with Dr. Wagner because of her expertise, intuitiveness and optimistic. Further, the sessions were enjoyable; especially the exercises, meditations and the reaffirming videos that we watched. She was able to guide me in discovering my true self and the joys of life. I especially appreciate her aura of optimism which enabled me to work through my issues and develop positive lifestyle habits. I am very grateful to Dr. Lili Wagner for giving the tools needed to nurture myself and develop the skills needed to live a healthy, happy and full life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lili Wagner to anyone who wants to make a change in their life for the better. You will truly benefit from her coaching skills and unconditional support

that she provides all her patients. Her kind-heartedness, sense of humour, wisdom, and experience among other great qualities are what make Dr. Wagner wonderful”.  - IOP Client, 50 yrs old.


“Seeing Dr. Wagner has been the smartest decision of my life. She is a fantastic listener who is very dedicated to helping you get better. I have got a firm grip on my life now. Her advice and techniques will always stay with."

Client, 25 yrs old


“I am so pleased to have found Dr. Wagner.  Thirty years consuming copious amounts of alcohol and abusing my body, my liver finally saying ‘no more’.  Additionally, my general health was suffering ailments popping up every year as well as under the excess weight I had put on over the years. 

Through this programme I was taught to love and respect myself, initially by regular ‘Headspace’ videos which enabled me to become aware of my head, mind and body no matter what environment I am in.  Having been introduced to the concepts I am now practicing standing alone and developing a stronger independent me.  I’d hardly done anything alone throughout my decades of life and now I feel I could do everything by myself, I feel that good!  There were lots of video clips for inspiration and helping me to see beyond the black and white (the way I’d typically seen life) and appreciate that there is another area that is grey or whatever colour is presented.  I’d always thought that my glass was half-full but it wasn’t, however, now it truly is.  My ‘awesome jar’ spills over and every day and I give gratitude (in a journal) for people, places and things within the environment, the world.  It no longer matters to me what any of your/my faults and misgivings may be. I have come to appreciate all of us being a part of society exactly how we are.  If a particular negative feeling won’t shift I am practicing the art of forgiveness.  I am wallowing in the humorous, loyal, honest and committed person that I am.  However, I am not forgetting the character of Veruca Salt (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) whose characteristics I often presented but forever giving thanks for having learned so much about myself and knowing when Verruca wants a say. 

No booze for two months, along time for me and people are noticing how loose my clothes are now that I am finally sticking to a food/exercise lifestyle.  I am still on the road of recovery and discovery for showing me the way and again give thanks to Dr. Wagner and a few other people who supported me in the flesh, on the whatsapp as well as unknown to them via the videos and books.

Forever grateful.” 

Client, 59 y.o.


“I thought It would be fitting at this point to express how much I appreciate your expertise and consolation. It seems that the EMDR treatments have been extremely effective, I’m doing exceptionally well, and my sleep pattern has gotten a lot better also. I would like to formally end our engagements as I feel that I’m on a much firmer foundation than when we first met. You have been a fantastic Counsellor, and you have helped me to overcome one of my most difficult challenges and for that I would like to personally say a big thank you.

Please also note that because of the wonderful treatment, I have referred your services to all my family members and friends.  

Thanks again and pleasant regards,” 

Client, 33 y.o.


“Having to admit you need help is not easy. Feeling vulnerable is not a great feeling either but with the help of a great therapist like Dr. Wagner, it can get easier. Therapy is not easy. It’s not fun, but the benefits are insurmountable. For years I didn’t want to deal or face what I was feeling or dealing with I felt it showed weakness, I felt shame. “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I feel better? Why am I like this?”were questions that went thru my mind; it was when I started to think of ending my life that I knew I needed help. I saw at least 2 other therapists that were not a good fit before I met Dr. Wagner,I’m glad I didn’t give up. With the help of learning about cognitive behavior, doing the homework & our sessions; I’ve been in remission of depression for almost 8 years, my relationships with family and friends have improved. 

Talking about your issues, personal thoughts & feelings are hard; at first. But I’ve 

found it gets easier as time goes & you start to remember how to utilize the tools 

that Dr. Wagner gives you. With her help I’ve learned to better deal with my fears; fears that I’ve let hold me back not letting me fully enjoy life. I’ve learned how to challenge 

my thought process with cognitive behavior and feel better about myself, regaining my lost confidence. Dr. Wagner may not have all the answers but she has the uncanny ability of guiding you to find the answer yourself. It’s that “a-ha!”light bulb going off above your head moments that makes me so thankful to have found her. I’m thankful for being one of her patients. 

I honestly feel that I’m a way better version of myself with her help. I’ve matured, I’m better at handling situations and I’m not letting my past or fear dictate my life anymore.  I’m a happier person & I look forward to more sessions with Dr. Wagner as I keep learning about myself and growing as a more well rounded version of who I hope to become.” 

Client, 43 y.o.


“Dear Dr Lili,

Just wanted to let you know that I just got accepted into medical school. Thank you for your advice, it was important in helping me achieve my goal. I still am on the ketogenic diet, and listen to Andy (Headspace) almost every day.” 

Client, 25 y.o.


“Working with Dr Wagner was for lack of a better phrase, life-changing. Attending therapy sessions with her equipped me with the emotional intelligence necessary to attack and alter cognitions in a useful, practical manner. Dr Wagner provided a safe, welcoming environment in which I felt comfortable revealing facets of myself that needed to be addressed. Dr Wagner fostered this through her accepting, kind, and inviting demeanour - characteristics of hers that only enhanced the counselling administered. Dr Wagner provided an array of alternative methods of therapy, where one avenue failed she pursued another. It was this perseverant attitude that made my therapy sessions enjoyable, and further, made my progress possible. Dr Lili Wagner provided the opportunity for development and growth where I previously couldn't see it - and for that, I'm most grateful.” 

Client, 17 y.o.


“There are not enough words that can describe how impactful Dr. Wagner has been in my life. I have learned so many new coping mechanisms and tools for anxiety my management. The most powerful tool Dr. Wagner showed me was the power I already have within myself to make positive and effective changes and how far-reaching those changes can be. She helped me raise my awareness and sense of self in order to be more mentally present in the moment. She also guided me in recognizing my anxiety triggers and understanding where they are rooted which has helped me grow in so many ways. She further helped me understand the relationship between my gut and my mental health which inspired me to begin a new lifestyle fitness regime which she assisted in coaching me through. I am forever grateful for my time with Dr. Wagner. Her skill set is not limited to any specific age, gender, disorder, or issue. I would highly recommend her to all individuals and encourage anyone seeking help or guidance of any sort to reach out to Dr. Wagner.”  

Client 26 y.o,


“I was introduced to Dr Wagner around 18 months ago during a time when my teenage daughter was going through an phase which was heading nowhere good very quickly.  She offered an environment that was non-judgmental, supporting and full of guidance to both of us (though I was not under her care).  I imagine thought of counselling doesn’t not tickle most teenagers,  mine was no exception, however she was quick to realize that she enjoyed her time with Dr Wagner and looked forward to each appointment. She was sad to see Dr Wagner go and I'm certain she will carry her messages with her going forward.  I would recommend her service to anyone needing a bit of guidance or a ear to listen.”  

14 y.o. Client’s mom


“Because of prejudices against people of colour, I, a black woman was very hesitant to have a white woman as my therapist. I needed help and 

Dr. Wagner was recommended but I was very wary. Fast forward a year later and Dr. Wagner became more than a therapist to me and more like a trusted friend. She listened and really cared about my well-being.

Over the year that I saw Dr. Wagner, I came to realize how compassionate she is. She did not just see me as a patient, but as another deserving human being. I was impressed on how widely read and knowledgeable she is, enabling her to give me a holistic package of therapy. I always left her sessions feeling empowered and very grateful. Somebody finally understood me and was able to help me climb out of the years of the mess that I was.  

It was a great sense of loss for me when she moved back home as I felt that I had lost my crutch. While ‘all good things must come to an end’, I will be employing the tools and strategies that Dr. Wagner so ably armed me with to rise above my challenges and to continue to feel empowered on my journey to coping with life’s everyday challenges. Dr. Wagner guided me, without telling me, in making life changing decisions that has enabled me to now enjoy better mental health and for that my gratitude knows no bound.

Dr. Wagner is a star! I would recommend her to anyone. My loss is now someone else’s gain.” 

Client  43 y.o.


“Dr. Wagner helped me to be able to recognize areas where I could start to use tools and skill sets to draw boundaries with those closest to me. Working with her to improve my well-being has been unforgettable." 

Client 28 y.o.


“I began therapy with Dr. Lili about a year ago after going to a talk series about anxiety. It was such an informative and interesting series it made me want to know more about accepting and working with my anxiety. Dr. Lili has helped me tremendously this last year; giving me daily strategies, weekly assignments to come back and report on, helping me realize where a lot of the issues I had were stemming from which I figured out much faster with her help and of course she was always there for a good laugh on bad days. I also really enjoyed that Dr. Lili did practical training, for example, I stated that I was nervous about a flight/traveling situation and so for the two weeks before leaving for my trip we worked on things I could do and it was incredible how much more calm I was going into, what I thought would be, a stressful situation. Dr.Lili really opened up my mind to how happy I could be and how surprisingly easy life can be! I cannot thank her enough.”

Client 26 y.o.


“My teenage son started seeing Dr Lili Wagner due to anxiety and depression and issues due to an acrimonious divorce.  He immediately connected with Dr Lili and was able to open up and confide in her.   Over a period of weeks, his anxiety definitely improved and I could see a lowered stress level.  He was also able to verbalize his feeling better.

He would look forward to his sessions and  always feel a lot better after talking with her.

I would recommend her without hesitation.”  

15 y.o.  Clients mom


"I have visited countless therapists over the course of my long struggle with OCD, and none of them have stood out as much as Dr. Lili Wagner. Her approach was refreshing, practical and, most importantly, effective. She not only helped me work through my OCD symptoms & struggles, but she also helped me reorient many aspects of my life in positive ways; everywhere from nutrition to socialization to discerning potential career paths. I always felt welcomed & respected during therapy sessions with her, and felt as if I could share anything without any judgment whatsoever. With her help I overcame my fear of driving, I managed to open myself up to a world I had closed myself off to, and I found a clear direction in my life. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Wagner to anyone seeking therapy."  

Client, 22 y.o. 


 "Dr. Lili Wagner helped me to completely change my life for the better. She is very easy to talk to and always seemed to have the right suggestions for me. In particular, her training in EMDR opened me up to a totally new and extremely effective way of dealing with my past.   I am a better, stronger, more confident and happier person because I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Wagner."  

Client, 53 y.o. 


"I was a hot mess when  I first met Dr. Lili.  Her smile immediately made me feel welcome.  I had gone to other therapists before but no one had made me feel comfortable or made me laugh and I would just quit after seeing them once or twice.  With Dr. Lili's help, I was able to get myself back to school, finish my degree and now I'm on my way to grad school.  I always look forward to my sessions with her."

Client, 26 y.o.


 “Before working with Lili, I felt like my recovery process had stalled – I was doing my best to do all the techniques that my previous therapists had given me to go through my daily life, but things simply weren’t getting better. I am so glad that I decided to try out EMDR with Dr. Wagner – even after one session I noticed marked improvement on my mood regulation in my day-to-day life. I didn’t realize how much of a hold trauma had on my moods, and I am so glad that Dr. Wagner helped me to process them.” 

Client, 22 y.o.